Complete IT Solutions

The Hyperion Node (HN) database engine delivers security, simplicity, and performance. Based on distributed ledger technology and built from the bottom up on the internet's TCP/IP foundation, HN is a completely secure and scalable IT infrastructure designed to serve the growing data needs of small businesses and global enterprises.


Whether it is delivering live or historical data, HN's dynamic computing power significantly cuts query times and provides the flexibility to meet all data retrieval and processing needs.


HN eliminates the need for on-premises servers, reduces IT overhead, and cuts the total cost of ownership for data by 30% or more. Our revenue-sharing model compensates device owners for their storage and computing resources, which creates a global network of stakeholders and allows the platform to deliver optimal services at the lowest possible cost.


HN is secured with enterprise-level, asymmetric, multilayered encryption. An automated protocol splits all data into micro shards; replicates and encrypts each shard; and then distributes them across localized edges of a client's network. This novel, decentralized approach to securing data prevents breaches and eliminates the financial incentive for hacking.

Built for Big Data

HN can store all data within a single, queryable, and completely secured database (powered by a private, distributed cloud), which charges only for data storage and bandwidth (both by the gigabyte). Scalable, high-performance computing has never been so powerful, simple, or cost effective. HN's novel combination of distributed ledger technology and proven supercomputing concepts delivers dynamic data storage, bandwidth, and processing power at a fraction of current computing costs.

HN’s built-in features and benefits include:
  • Encrypted email platform
  • High-quality video streaming
  • Flexible smart contracts
  • Real-time, digital payment solutions
  • Simplification of DevOps and database management
  • Managed open-source sandbox for development
  • User-defined control and ownership of data

Proof of Concept

Explore the possibilities of the Hyperion Node database engine with a customized proof of concept (POC) designed to target specific IT pain points or areas of interest.

Consider the following solutions:
  • Private, paid video-streaming channels
  • Direct digital-payment solutions
  • Dependable backups and disaster recovery
  • Cost-effective and secure legacy data storage
  • Query engine for complex calculations

Within 90 days, TrueNode Tech can demonstrate significant cost savings, improved computing performance, and streamlined IT operations: We can store, secure, process, and scale your data—without breaking your budget. Let us prove it with a custom POC.