About Us

TrueNode Tech is a value-added reseller of the Hyperion Node (HN) distributed ledger technology (DLT) database engine. We are one of a small group of partner resellers around the world, and one of the only resellers in North America.

HN's cutting-edge deliverables include:
  • Simplification and acceleration of digital data, business logic, and DevOps
  • Complete, integrated security
  • Optimal user-response times
  • Transparent pricing, invoicing, and payments
  • 30%+ cuts in total cost of ownership for IT
  • Virtually no setup costs

TrueNode Tech’s trained and certified high-level developers ensure every client can depend on dedicated, on-demand, full-stack IT support. We also provide continuous follow-up consulting, as well as access to our global network of IT partners and ecosystem colleagues who can deliver future-proof solutions within any niche of expertise.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/truenodeus/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrueNodeTech

Instagram: @truenodetech


Hyperion Node's core is a massive database engine for global enterprise IT. It monitors network activity; meters use; verifies wallet transactions; scales for the storage, availability, processing, and distribution of data; and defends the entire platform.



Node computers are the administrators of all data held on ledgers, ensuring the efficient distribution, processing, and recall of all data, as well as continually verifying the integrity of all data.



Ledgers are the core engine's account books that keep all data current and secure. They are primarily smartphones and modestly ramped-up desktop computers.